Handbags not only help you carry your essentials, but they also enable you to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe as well as show off your personality. Among all bag types, satchel bags have a long history, starting with Roman Legionaries who used satchels for their personal belongings. Satchel bags are a typical type of handbag with double handles, locking hardware and a wide, flat bottom. It is the flat bottom and triangular side profile of a satchel bag that can help you distinguish it from other bag types.

  1. Messenger Bags: Smart and functional, women messenger bags are designed to help you do it all and make it look easy. This type of satchel is carried by both women and men, and has always been made with a fastener that is reliable and strong. Modern day messenger bags have zipper-around fasteners or belt-buckle fastening system to keep your belongings safe and secure. Messenger bags have strap that you can use to wear over one shoulder or crossed over the body. 

  2. Women Backpacks: Yes, backpacks are also a type of satchel bag! Backpacks are suitable to carry for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, walking and cycling. A backpack is worn equally on two shoulders and it helps to keep the weight evenly distributed between shoulders for additional comfort. Savvy women travellers like to buy and carry backpacks because of their lightweight nature, durability and carrying comfort.

  3. Bucket-Styled Handbags: The bucket bag climbed the ranks of handbag fame last year due to its minimalist style. This type of bag usually features flat base, wide open top compartment and sometimes drawstring closure. This type of satchel bag is perfect for girls-on-the-go. They offer practicality as well as unique style to your entire look.


Today, there are so many choices, at so many price points and in every color known to womankind; it’s almost overwhelming to understand what to buy and what not. Of course there are certain dos and don'ts when selecting satchel bags that suit your body type, the occasion and your needs. However, the above mentioned satchel types are good for carrying your everyday items, which voids the necessity of having to carry a large bag around. With extra pockets, shoulder straps, top handles, and good interior space, the satchel bag is the perfect way to carry mobile phones, keys, books, and even a snack for later on. Keep these popular satchel types in your mind when you’ll buy women satchel bags online from handbags stores. Enjoy shopping‼