The right accessories can make or break party dress, casual outfit, and even your entire look. From hair accessories to shoes, it is essential that you try to strike the right balance with accessorising, otherwise your look may go all wrong. One fashion accessory that is important on both a function level and a fashion level is the clutch purse. For girls, their handbag motto is “the bigger the better,” but sometimes evening parties and small get-together simply demand a clutch. A standard clutch purse holds your basic necessary items. There is so much versatility in clutch bags in the online stores in terms of size, color, material, structure, and cost that sometimes it becomes difficult to select the right clutch purse. Check out this clutch bags buying guide which will help you in your online shopping spree.

    • Select The Right Material Of Clutch For Right Occasion


When it comes to occasions, clutch purses are of two types: evening clutches and daytime ones. Clutches made of materials such as paillettes, satin, silk, beads, jewels, lace and sequins are good for formal occasions, nightclubs, and night parties. Clutch purse made of materials such as vinyl, microfiber, polyurethane, canvas, cotton, linen and, ethnic woven fabrics are best for using every day to office or on weekends for getaways.


    • Pick the Appropriate Color


You plan to buy clutch, you either choose to carry it with specific outfit or for carrying it to some special occasion. Whatever the reason is you must select the color that reflects your personality at every party or occasion. If you’re planning to carry the newly purchased clutch in day time, it is better you select neutral color in order to match the bag to a wide range of outfits. A simple black or brown clutch will go with everything. You can even opt to buy red, green or blue colored clutch to add some flair to a dressed-down outfit.


    • Pick a Clutch with Numerous Interior Pockets


While clutches are meant to hold your necessary items and not everything that you usually carry in your large tote bag, but you can make sure that your clutch features a few pockets to organise your belongings nicely. In some online handbags stores you’ll get clutches that have organisational pockets inside for credit cards, and even divided compartments to keep your cell phone and other items.


    • Select the Right Clutch Size for Your Need


Just like you need to wear appropriate dress according to your body type, similarly a clutch bag should be of right size to hold everything that you want to carry to any occasion. You cannot buy a small clutch purse and stuff it with so many items that it bulges at the seams; it may be time to switch to a larger model. Shoppers should buy small purse such as faux leather clutch with a slim profile when they need just few items to carry with them, and large clutch bags with straps given inside when they wish to take more items for their outdoor adventures.


A clutch purse is amazing accessory that offers a number of different options for dressing up during weekend casual look or night time party look. Shoppers should research first before buying clutch bags online at handbags stores to understand the range of options available, and pick a clutch that best suits their needs